I wanna write but just don’t know how

I myself was a big fan of words. Whenever I get to read books, I always get so emotional by the fact that the book im reading affects me wholly, not only as a reader but also as a person that I also wanted to write my own book which could also affect others as well. I wanted to express myself more in an different way people would not express me literally but deeply. I read millions of words and a dozen of books already, and I even bought myself notebooks (for me to write my very own masterpiece so that the world could also read me by my books) to write on but until now, I still fail to let my pen write what my heart was saying.

And I keep on reading words of others to inspire me but something is missing. And even I myself don’t know what it is. I just wish my fave bookwriters John Green, Lauren Myracle, Jasmine Warga and Gayle Forman could help me out with this. Coz’ I really loved to be heard.